You are thinking about becoming a Greator Speaker, but don't know if this is the right way for you?

Let's ask those who already left him!

Birgit Untermair

Life Coach
Birgit completed her speaker training with Greator (at that time GEDANKENtanken) in 2019. In October 2019 she had her big performance on the Greator Stage, which was her springboard for a steep career. Since that day she can hardly escape from requests for her coachings, more than 500.000 people have seen her appearance on YouTube and well-known newspapers write articles about her.

We interviewed her shortly after her video was released. At that time she could not believe her success.

Greator: How do you experience the current hype around you?
"This is totally crazy. Every day I get new messages from people who have seen my video and can fully identify with me. Some even book extra coaching sessions just to talk to me once. Awesome!"
Greator: Can you describe what it was like to stand on the stage?
"This performance was a real magic moment in my life! I had worked so long for this moment. I spent days rehearsing my keynote - not to mention the intensive preparatory work in the coaching sessions. I'll be honest: It wasn't always easy. That's why the moment on stage was indescribable for me: Finally I was able to share my story and show people how they can be creators of their own reality".
Greator: Did the training pay off financially for you?
"Absolutely. In the last three weeks, I've made as much money as I spent on speaker training.

Kristian Ignatov

Author & Life Coach
Kristian also took part in our speaker training, worked hard with our coaches on his positioning, his keynote and his performance - until the grand finale in January 2020: his appearance on the Volksbühne in Cologne!

He is a former trainer of the Navy Seals and has shaken up the audience with his statement: "If you want to get rid of your fear, there's only one solution: You have to go right through it." The audience was so enthusiastic that they even voted him the best speaker of the evening.

Of course we also wanted to know from him how he felt about his performance.
Greator: How does it feel when the audience celebrates you like this?
"Of course I'm also happy about my success. But the deep fulfillment for me comes when I can really give something. It was indescribable when I found out how good the feedback to my performance was and how many people in the audience cried... Some of the audience even wrote to me afterwards and said that they had already been to so many seminars and motivation trainings, but that only through my presentation they had REALLY changed their lives".
Greator: Why did you decide to do the speaker training at all?
"I just knew I had to get on that stage. My inner voice practically told me. The audience comes here because they want to change something. They really want inspiration and support for their lives - so I knew I was in the right place to get my message across. And since there are generally no long processes with me, I quickly got down to business!"

No doubt two impressive success stories that Birgit and Kristian have achieved with their speaker training!

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