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Your keynote on the Greator stage

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Become a top speaker

with the unique training of Greator
Rock the Greator stage with stars like GaryVee, Les Brown, Tobias Beck, Laura Seiler and many more ...
Touch, inspire and motivate people worldwide with your heart's message
Reach thousands of people with your words - at our festivals or speaker nights
Start a successful career as a top speaker
Receive support from Germany's best experts in the speaking business
*seats are very limited!

Make the breakthrough like Tobias Beck

How a keynote at Greator can change your life...

You have something great to say

Let it out and move other people on

Rock the Greator stage

Touch both the heart and brain of others - with your own keynote. Inspire the masses. Share your message & change something in the minds of your audience. If you have the talent and the will, we will train you to be a top speaker!
*seats are very limited!

Reach a gigantic community

With a performance on the Greator stage you reach thousands of people. Either live on our night of speakers or at the Online Festival from the Greator Studios in Cologne. Your lecture will also be professionally filmed with several cameras. If you cleverly place this video on social networks, you can quickly increase your reach to many thousands.
*seats are very limited!

Your training starts now!

*seats are very limited!

Your way to the Greator stage

Challenging. Overwhelming. More groundbreaking than you ever dreamed possible.

We're with you all the way.


Germany's best speaking experts will help you to achieve a clear positioning, a perfect keynote and a rousing stage performance. In addition, specialised coaches on various topics will go into depth with you in 1:1 sessions. Throughout your entire training, a personal guide will be at your side and always be there to support you.

The basis for an authentic and convincing keynote.


Your training begins with this very important first step: positioning. Here you will work out your position together with Dr. Stefan Frädrich. In 1:1 coaching sessions, you work with our top coaches until you have a result that fits you perfectly.

The heart of your training.


The best speaking experts in Germany will support you in the conception and development of your keynote. Top executive coach and director Frank Asmus will introduce you to the secrets of a world-class keynote that stands out and wows the crowd. With the top speakers René Borbonus, Dr. Stefan Frädrich and Michael Ehlers, you get to the heart of your keynote, work out the dramaturgical structure and practice the method of storytelling - until completion! Our coaches will also support you in this process in regular 1:1 coaching sessions.

It's time for the pickle!


Of course, your keynote is only really effective with a rousing performance. Here Michael Ehlers will introduce you to the basics of stage performance. Other coaches such as Dr. Stefan Frädrich, Francisco Medina and Yvonne de Bark will show you exactly how to deliver on stage. Our specialized coaches are also available for you in 1:1 sessions. When the performance is over, there are only a few days left until your big moment...



Now is the moment you've been working towards for months. The audience is ready for you, the spotlight is on you, the cameras are rolling. You are perfectly prepared. So just enjoy the moment, go out and share your message with the world - either live from our Greator Studios in Cologne or in front of a live audience at our speaker night!
*seats are very limited!

What previous participants say

The whole program is pure personality development. My personality - especially when it comes to talking - has been strengthened, but also my will to go on stage. 
A dream came true. I can only say thank you for that.
For me, Greator Speaker is the opportunity to come on stage where I would not have otherwise come.
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Who is the Greator Speaker training for?

All those, who:
have a message of the heart they want to share
feel the urge to inspire and motivate other people
want to use the reach of Greator to carry their message to the world
appreciate the personal support from experts in the industry and want to use it for themselves
are willing to face the core of their personality and work on themselves
be able to imagine becoming a professional top speaker
*Places are very limited

Answers to your questions

What is the difference to other speaker trainings?

1. you profit from our reach: 

With Greator you have the largest platform for speaking, personal development and coaching at your side. Not only do you get excellent support and training from the best coaches and speakers in Germany, you also benefit directly from our reach.

With your performance on one of our Greator stages you can reach up to 100,000 people live at once. If your video is broadcasted on our YouTube channel, 500.000 more people could see your keynote.

Your performance will be recorded by professional camera teams and made available to you afterwards. If you cleverly place this material on social media, you can gain nationwide recognition and start a professional career as a speaker.

2. you study according to your needs:

Your training is also very much geared to your individual needs and goals. You decide yourself which coaches you want to work with and which topics you want to go into more depth on to achieve exactly what you have set out to do. After all, your keynote should represent you and your message, not us.

The intensive video courses of our experts as well as all 1:1 coaching sessions can be attended flexibly from home and you can choose the times in consultation with your coaches - this way you can integrate this training ideally into your life compared to many others.

3. you achieve maximum and lasting success:

Through the individual training content and 1:1 coaching, you can get the most out of your training for you.

During your training, you will apply the acquired knowledge again and again in a concrete way, practice alone and in community and benefit from the feedback of your coaches and the group.

Even after your performance, we won't leave you alone: You will receive 12 months access to our Greator Business Platform, where you will receive all the important skills you need to take your Speaker Business to the next level professionally and sustainably.

On which Greator stages can I perform?

During your training as a Greator Speaker you prepare yourself for a great goal: Your performance on the Greator stage!

Depending on which training path you decide on, you will either perform at the Greator Festival Online or live at the Cologne Volksbühne in front of the Greator Community. 

1st Greator Festival Online (Greator Studios, Cologne): 

Thrills with TV feeling: Share your message with over 100,000 participants - live from the Greator Studio in Cologne. You are one of the world-class speakers who provide the community at the Greator Festival Online with their input for a happy, successful life.

In the line up of the world's largest online festival for coaching, your name will be in between international stars such as Les Brown, Tobias Beck or John Strelecky - from that moment on the world will know your face.

Then it starts: The community sits spellbound in front of their screens and waits for your appearance. The film crew is ready to go. The camera is rolling. And action! For the next 18 minutes you hold your keynote, which you have optimized in every detail over the past months. An indescribable, emotional moment! 

2nd night of speakers (Volksbühne, Cologne): 

Make your dream come true: Your performance in front of the "big G" - in the middle of the famous Cologne Volksbühne. It is incredibly exciting to perform live in front of hundreds of people with a very personal keynote - announced by none other than Dr. Stefan Frädrich.

At the Volksbühne you will experience for yourself what it feels like to have eight huge cameras and countless spotlights directed only at you. And when 400 pairs of eyes are glued to your lips expectantly.

You'll see for yourself how your words get into the minds of your audience. How you trigger emotions in them and bring about real changes in them. When the applause echoes through the hall, you can simply enjoy the moment.

How long does the training last?

The training to become a certified Greator Speaker takes about 6 to 12 months.

Since you can decide for yourself at what pace you want to take the video courses and 1:1 coaching, you also have influence on the time you want to finish your training.

How much do I have to invest in the training?

We are completely honest with you: Such a high-quality education naturally has its price.

You get the input of the best speaking experts in Germany like Dr. Stefan Frädrich, René Borbonus, Frank Asmus, Michael Ehlers and many more. In addition, individual 1:1 coaching sessions with exercises and expert tips for your development, perfectly tailored to your needs. You are flexible at all times and can decide for yourself with which coaches you would like to work with and when you want to work on which stages. In addition, we provide you with the skills that will help you to build up your own business as a speaker and to be successful in your career. Apart from that, you will also benefit from the wide reach that Greator now has through its international community.

In other words: It is best to simply ask yourself the question "Is the change that the training as a Greator Speaker offers you worth the money?"

You can only answer that for yourself. But we think: Absolutely! Not only will you get a first-class training as a top speaker, but you will also save travel and hotel costs, which you would normally have to pay for in other training courses. You also don't have to take extra holidays.

And: You can finance the training over several months - completely without interest! :-)

If you would like to know what concrete financing possibilities you have, simply apply for the training without obligation using the form above. We will then call you, advise you in detail and try to find a good solution together with you (of course free of charge).

Are you ready for the Greator stage?

*Places are very limited

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Benefit from our reach
Greator is the most successful further education platform for personality development and entrepreneurship in the German-speaking world. With more than 3,000,000 (three million) views on YouTube every month, 148,839 Facebook fans and 69,344 annual event visitors, we can also offer you a stage to take your knowledge out into the world.
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