The true secrets of success that no top speaker has ever revealed:

This is how you become a successful speaker

and you're going to get on the Greator Stage
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Greator founder Dr. Stefan Frädrich and Alexander Müller share their insider knowledge as top speakers and entrepreneurs. 

In this online seminar, they reveal how they have already managed to turn hundreds of people into successful speakers - regardless of their previous experience. 

And as you can make it onto their stage now...

With the Greator founders Dr. Stefan Frädrich and Alexander Müller

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Go now the way on stage & lead a life in the spotlight, which remains for others eternally a dream

I don't care if you:

- you have a message from your heart to share with the world
- want to boost your personal business or
- you're just a ramp hog who says, "I gotta get on stage."

If you follow this path, you will rise above yourself, break your own limits and go further than you ever dreamed possible.

Use the knowledge of insiders for your competitive advantage

The 3 strategies that Dr. Stefan Frädrich and Alexander Müller reveal in this online seminar even work if you

- never been on stage before
- have no idea about rhetoric, body language or the speaker business
- do not even know what message you want to convey

Experience the insider knowledge

This online seminar is 100 % free of charge!

Dr. Stefan Frädrich and Alexander Müller are absolute professionals in the speaker business.

Together they lead the successful company for personal development and business "Greator". In recent years, they have trained more than a hundred people to become top speakers, who are now also known outside Germany.

Stefan himself has been a passionate speaker for 18 years and fills gigantic halls as a motivational speaker and coach. He can draw from a huge pool of experience and knows exactly how the speaker business ticks and which sometimes simple tricks can give you a big competitive advantage.

As an experienced entrepreneur and speaker, Alexander probably knows better than anyone else how people and companies get to the top. He is convinced that there is a gigantic potential in each of us and that really EVERYTHING is possible if we recognize it and use it properly.

Both have shovelled a few days out of their overflowing diaries to show you how you can take advantage of their insider knowledge - for your quick way to the big stages!

You too can share your message on the biggest stages in Germany and inspire, enthuse and motivate people - use the Greator Stage as a springboard!

Your participation in this online seminar is 100 % free of charge and very simple: Simply register in the form above and choose your preferred date. Then you are ready to start!

Attention: It becomes interactive!

Alex and Stefan don't do anything half-assed. To make sure you really take something away from this online seminar, you will be involved in interactive exercises.

In these exercises you will learn how to do this by taking very concrete steps:

- make the breakthrough as a top speaker
- become much more successful than others who have the same dream
- come to the Greator Stage with your own keynote

For everyone understandable and extremely effective!